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Bộ nguồn 1734-EP24DC

Bộ nguồn 1734-EP24DC

Thông số kỹ thuật Allen bradley 1734-EP24DC

Expansion Power Unit
The POINT I/O Expansion Power Supplies extend the backplane bus power and create a new field voltage partition segment for driving field devices for up to 17 I/O modules, depending on the current required for each module and the DIN-rail mounting position. The expansion power unit separates field power from I/O modules to the left of the unit, effectively providing functional and logical partitioning for:

Cat. No. Input Voltage Field Side Power Requirements, Max. Inrush Current, Max. PointBus Output Current Rating Power Consumption, Max. Power Dissipation, Max.
Allen bradley 1734-EP24DC 24V DC (10…28.8V DC) 400 mA at 24V DC (+20% = 28.8V DC max) 6 A for 10 ms Horizontal mounting: 1 A at 5V DC for 10…19.2V input; 1.3 A @ 5V DC for 19.2…28.8V input
Vertical mounting: 1 A at 5V DC for 10…28.8V input
9.8 W at 28.8V DC 3.0 W at 28.8V DC
Allen bradley 1734-EPAC 120/240V AC (85…264V AC) 200 mA at 120V AC, 100 mA at 240V AC 2 A for 6 ms Horizontal mounting: 1.3 A at 5.2V DC
Vertical mounting: 1.0 A at 5.2V DC
15.1 W at 264V AC 8.4 W at 264V AC

Field Power Distributor

Cat. No. Operating Voltage Range
Allen bradley 1734-FPD 10…28.8V DC
120V/240V AC

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