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Bộ nguồn Rockwell

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Bộ nguồn 1734-EP24DC

Bộ nguồn 1734-EP24DC Thông số kỹ thuật Allen bradley 1734-EP24DC Expansion Power Unit The POINT I/O Expansion Power Supplies extend the backplane bus power and create a new field voltage partition segment for driving field devices for up to 17 I/O modules, depending on the current required for each module …

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Bộ nguồn 1606-XLS120E

Bộ nguồn 1606-XLS120E Thông số kỹ thuật Allen bradley 1606-XLS120E Input Voltage [W] Output Power [W] Output Voltage Output Current [A] Input Circuit Protection∆ Steady State Input Current 120/230 [V AC] Parallel Operation DC OK Relay Cat. No. 100…240V AC 110…150V DC 80 24…28 3.3 6 A Slow Blow Fuse …

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